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ShotTrack::ShotEndsEventHandler not supported

BrandonBBI 10 years ago 0
The ShotTrack's ShotEndsEventHandler delegate is not being supported the way the ShotBeginsEventHandler is. We've currently stuffed in a workaround to know when a particular shot has ended for camera hand off but could really use this feature.


Crossfade transitions in Cinema Director would be awesome!

Dan Gamsby 10 years ago updated by Adrian 10 years ago 1
Transitions are great. A crossfade one would be awesome as well!
Adrian 10 years ago
This is planned to go into a future release.
Under review

Spawn audio clips at/near a game object instead of world origin.

Adam Jeffreys 10 years ago updated by Adrian 10 years ago 1
When it comes to doing things like dialogue, it makes more sense to place the audio clip where the actor is (character or some other object) is rather than in the middle of the scene. This could be done using an empty game object attached to the character or placing it relative to them using an existing one.

This does bring up the question of allowing Actor Groups to have a Audio Track of their own so the transform is already defined for each audio clip.
Adrian 10 years ago
Good idea. There is a "Play Audio" action available in the actor tracks. It may not be as intuitive to use as it should be. Will think about a good way to handle multi-character dialogues.

Changing an audio clip's pitch, which changes its duration, does not update its duration in Director.

Adam Jeffreys 10 years ago updated by Adrian 10 years ago 1
If this is changed, the audio clip can play longer or shorter which can cause Director to either or cut it off early or stutter when it ends prematurely.
Adrian 10 years ago
Should be able to fix this. Just please never change the pitch dynamically during runtime, that would be evil...

Game Object starts in cutscene at world origin if animated by a curve clip.

Adam Jeffreys 10 years ago updated by Adrian 10 years ago 1
Found this out by treating a camera as a static shot until a certain point in which then a curve clip moves it. Even if I move it to where I want it initially, it moves back to world/parent origin until it hits the first curve clip at the start of a cutscene. 

Losing ability to edit curves

BrandonBBI 10 years ago updated by Adrian 10 years ago 7
We're having trouble finding the spot where this happens, but "over time" we lose access to curve editing in the Director window in our project. In the following image I've created a new cutscene, but this occurs for any cutscene that we load as well.

Image 1

All of the functionality of adding curves for position, rotation and scaling via inspector still exist, the right mouse menu pops up on the Curve Clip with all available options, but no ability to actually see the curves. Take note that we've installed Pro Cams in our main project as well. Closing and reopening the Director window, the scene, or Unity itself has no effect.

Note that the project in question is in Perforce, should read-only functionality be cramping Cinema Director's style.

When creating a blank project and installing just the unity package, it indeed shows up as normal as the cutscene is created.