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Should be able to fix this. Just please never change the pitch dynamically during runtime, that would be evil...
Good idea. There is a "Play Audio" action available in the actor tracks. It may not be as intuitive to use as it should be. Will think about a good way to handle multi-character dialogues.
This is planned to go into a future release.
That is very bizarre. Glad that got sorted out.
I was not able to reproduce this. When this happens, are you still able to add timeline items from the actor track context menu?

Controls are instantiated by looking up the loaded assemblies and finding the matching control for it's game object. It's possible that the loading of assemblies inside of the DirectorEditor.dll is failing due to Perforce. Does this happen when you load Director into your project locally? You could also try checking out the dll (Cinema Suite/Cinema Director/System/Editor/DirectorControl/DirectorEditor.dll).
That is a strange one. I will try to reproduce it.